What can you do with extra time? Share your ideas!

What can you do with extra time? Share your ideas!

Extra time - What to do?

The other day I wrote about experiments in productivity where working for a longer time doesn’t necessarily mean accomplishing more in a relative sense. So if you don’t spend all your time working, what else is there to do…?

Here’s a thought experiment of our own: Subtract 20 from your regular 40-hour workweek. That’s still 20 whole hours to accomplish anything you need to keep the balance in your life. In a perfect world, in which you get everything done work-wise in merely 20 hours, how would you spend the rest — in the following ways, proven to increase happiness?

volunteering or donating to charity

spending time with family and friends

Exercising or just getting some fresh air

Learning something new or retrain your brain to see the happiness around you

Brewing and enjoying a cup of tea! 

Or maybe there’s been something that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time but just have been able to find the time…..I’d love to hear more ideas from you!