A new taste – Coconut Chili Lime

Developed in Germany perfected in Canada


This sauce has a unique and new taste. For those of you who hate coconut – it doesn’t taste like coconut. And if you’re afraid that it’s hot and spicey because of chili in the name –  don’t worry it’s not hot! Also, this sauce is vegan-friendly and we are working on getting it approved by Vegecert.

Our Coconut Chili Lime Sauce (or CCL for short) continues to surprise us in ways that it can be used. Vegans love it because it adds a new taste to their diets. It’s great on fish and seafood…and a friend of ours put it on her pork chop. Another friend added it to a chicken and rice dish after initially pouring it on broccoli. Keep coming back to this page as we will be posting recipes and ideas.

Ideas to start with:

  • fish tacos
  • chicken tacos
  • seafood (shrimp, scallops, mussels, lobster, calamari)
  • fish
  • pork chops
  • pasta
  • broccoli
  • baked potatoes – all varieties including sweet potatoes _C5A6011forweb
  • rice
  • chicken and rice
  • a starter base for a Thai curry
  • marinade for chicken
  • fish & chips
  • tortilla dip
  • dip for chicken wings
  • dip for sweet potato fries
  • canned sardines
  • Butter Chicken
  • Vegetarian Wraps
  • Swiss Chard
  • Chicken Kabobs
  • Mushrooms (raw & cooked)
  • Banana wraps
  • Beet, Ginger, and Coconut Milk Soup
  • Tempura (any type)
  • Bok Choy
  • Fried rice
  • Sticky rice
  • Raman noodles
  • Hakka Chicken Pakoras
  • Lobster rolls
  • Pad Thai
  • Pappadums
  • Lentils
  • Chickpeas
  • Quinoa
  • Pulled Pork
  • Coleslaw
  • Corn on the Cob