The Lifestyle Workplace

You lead a unique life. Your work/life solution should reflect that.

We are well into the 21st century: a time when, not too long ago, experts predicted paperless offices, four hour work weeks, and flying cars for your commute.

While the more notable predictions may not have materialized, that doesn’t mean that today’s working life isn’t very different than before. It is personal, endlessly customizable, and much less office-focused.

Also, more joyful: In 2013, Forbes reported that 1 in 5 Americans are now “telecommuting” – and that 90% of those workers were happier than if they were in a traditional office environment.

DFC has worked many years with various companies to achieve their goals, especially during the telecommuting revolution. We have seen company and worker needs met and missed. And now we have used our experience to develop a new solution for those whose lives are too unique for traditional telecommuting setups.

We call it The Lifestyle Workplace (TLW). A work-from-anywhere solution for the age of the long tail. (N.B. long tail refers to the retailing strategy of selling a large number of unique items with relatively small quantities sold of each—usually in addition to selling fewer popular items in large quantities. Amazon is an example of this strategy)

If you are considering our TLW solution, you are probably already an independent thinker. You may be business owner with a tight budget, a department manager with a team of talented workers with singular needs, a brilliant freelancer who is also a stay-at-home parent – or any other of the amazing identities that make up our beautiful world.

No matter the life you lead, TLW prioritizes your way of life first. It maximizes your budget, your brain space, and your valuable time – helping you achieve the greatest positive benefit to your self, your company, and your world. Here’s how:

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