TLW Benefits


Health:    Do you have an employee who is not a morning person? Schedule their  workday to start at 1pm. Do you think more clearly after exercising? Make time for  a jog through your own neighbourhood at 10:30am. TLW brings your office to where you work best, so you can start work from a place of mental and physical health.

Self-sufficiency:    Like the noble turtle, your employees  can carry their   office on their  backs. Use TLW to eliminate long, productivity-decreasing  commutes, and TLW’s online collaboration to interface instantly with colleagues or clients – wherever they have chosen to be that day.


Cost:    One of the greatest costs to a business is its physical location. We can help circumvent that.  DFC can customize a TLW solution for your devices on your terms. This means no wasted money or time – on top of the savings achieved by not renting or commuting to a traditional office space.soul sucking traffic - 401dvp interchange in Toronto

Efficiency:    In any business, there is a time for collaboration, and a time for independent brilliance.  Use your time wisely by enlisting TLW to reduce distraction, but also  to communicate clearly with co-workers when you really need to. TLW can also help to increase your general productivity, and help make it easier to return to work after injury, surgery, or another of life’s events .

Support:    DFC provides decentralized support for TLW, which means one server, software or hardware snafu will not  ruin your whole workday. And if you do require greater assistance , help is there where and when you need it.


Flexibility:    TLW’s structure allows you to fit your work around your lifestyle. That  means you can be available to pick up your child from school, The Lifestyle Workplace Benefitstake your parent to lunch, or volunteer all day at your favourite charity and then  work a few hours at night, wherever you choose. . With TLW, your world comes first.

Sustainability:    TLW is as green as you want it to be. It can help your company  eliminate environmentally troubling  commutes, as well as the need for an office-based carbon footprint.

Accessibility:    TLW’s customizability extends to adapting your and your employees’ working life to physical challenges.

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