DFC in working with it’s customers, has seen needs that have not been met. A lot of companies need website services, security services, network monitoring, specialty monitoring and cloud services. But businesses have other needs too. The following is a list of solutions that DFC offers to the small and medium business sphere. Some of them are even listed in IBM’s Global Solution Directory!

Online Service Scheduling — Web based online scheduling and estimation system for service companies.

DFC’s Online Service Scheduler & Estimation software allows service companies to offer their customers better availability by allowing customers to book their appointments online & receive an estimate. When an appointment is booked, an email goes out confirming the appt to both the customer and service provider. This is designed with periods of the day so the service people are not tied to specific times. DFC Solutions

Automatic Customer Follow-up – an online customer appreciation service to provide your customers with professional follow up from your company

You provide a service to your customer and payment has been rendered. You fill out your customer’s information on an online form in a private, password protected area. Provide us with the customer appreciation and promotional discount information that you would like to offer your customers. We will make sure it is properly set up for you. We will issue you a password so that you can securely access your customer appreciation application Email notification will also be easy to configure with our simplified software to allow you to adjust the follow up intervals.

DataLinxx Warranty Tracking – A warranty tracking service to provide your customers with a professional warranty.

Once the job has been completed and payment has been made in full to your company, you can have your customer go to your website where you issue them a password to fill out the warranty information. We will need you to provide us with the warranty information that you would like to offer your customers and we will make sure that it is in the warranty page for you. You may have a warranty already produced, for example, on the back of your invoice. You can email the page with the warranty and we will make sure it is used exactly.

All of these solutions have one thing in common: They are designed with the small business in mind, to allow them to interact professionally with their customers via the web!