When a military member returns from a deployment a screening process occurs which amongst other things, attempts to identify if that member has suffered some sort of Operational Stress Injury (OSI) that at its extreme can be identified as PTSD. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

External and internal pressures prevent the injured member seeking “official” help. Ad hoc and unofficial support networks become employed to help the injured member. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t…and also those unofficial support networks can cause more harm than good.

Suppose there was a platform available for OSI sufferers, their families, friends, colleagues and therapists. Suppose that this platform was private with enterprise class security using existing enterprise grade software and had “approved” support material readily available at anytime and anyplace?

We at DFC have created such a platform. It has the ability to provide support to serving members that are suffering from OSIs along with providing additional support to their families. As well, eventually the system will evolve using smart analytics to track and predict when a participant is at risk for being in crisis. It is our aim to help the support staff and services helping members living with OSIs, to be able to more effectively deal with the issues that arise, as well as use smart technology to help identify and prevent a crisis from becoming full blown.