Network Monitoring

What would monitoring your network and it’s devices accomplish?

It would detect:

  • malicious software attacking the network
  • bandwidth hogs
  • rampant device creep
  • potential failure of critical server or network components

End result:  Security, Performance and Reliability of Your Network!


Bandwidth hogs are the bane of any network! Don’t you hate when your network slows down while you are trying to do work – on your work network?!? It’s possible that people that share your network resources are watching YouTube videos, streaming their favorite tv shows, playing online network games, Facebooking, watching porn…you get the idea…your network was designed for work!

An infection in your network can start innocently enough: a click on a banner ad that promises to speed up your system, a pop-up supposedly from Microsoft offering support, an email supposedly from UPS with a zip file or a pdf regarding your order. All of these and more can lead to infections in your network. And once one device on a network is infected, the infection spreads quicker than a cold in a kindergarten class during cold and flu season!

Network monitoring can alert an administrator as to who is hogging the bandwidth and what sites they are visiting. Network monitoring can catch the virus and malware infections before they do bad things by identifying the intruding code or the device that is spreading it.

Can you afford to be without network monitoring? Contact us for more details!

Whether you’re a small business with a handful of critical devices, or have an IT footprint as complex as your global enterprise, we specialize in monitoring the IT systems which powers your business, and modify this to fit each individual business.

DFC customizes the monitoring of your connected devices to fit your network, your budget and your way of working.

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