Materials and Procurements

Materials and procurements

We implement packages that facilitate an adaptive supply chain operation, dynamically integrating demand and supply management, by integrating organizational and technical expertise that exceeds expectations we transform the way you do business.

DFC International’s Materials and Procurement solution set focuses on the total materials management and procurement processes to support your operations and maintenance goals.

An excellent example of this control and management of processes is our ISO Compliant QMS solution built on Lotus Domino. This robust solution directly feeds into our CAMS product or can stand alone. This architecture, using Lotus Notes, also allows customers the choice of running their QMS locally on their workstations with the Notes Client–and they don’t even need a constant internet connection. Or going to the other extreme, Domino allows users to connect via a web browser and manage Document management, Event or incident workflow with tracking and review capabilities, additional reviews to ensure compliance, quality documents authoring, revision and distribution, audit planning and reporting, corrective actions, complaints management, quality meetings, machinery/aircraft inspection and maintenance, instruments calibration, project management, customer satisfaction monitoring, supplier selection, and personnel education tracking.

DFC’s ISO Compliant QMS solution doesn’t require any special servers for it to run. Because Lotus Domino is so efficient and robust, standard equipment such as an IBM X-Series server is all that is needed, with suffcient storage.

Our software applications integrate a complete supply chain, including inventory management, purchasing, accounts payable, sales and marketing and links for comprehensive E-Business and wireless warehouse functionality. It allows for a multitude of customers and multiple levels of administrators and end-users.

Key Benefit:

  • Increased efficiency by rapidly exchanging critical business information across the supply chain.
  • Wireless technology expedites the transfer of information while reporting tools maintain a full audit trail.
  • With access to information ranging from item availability to warehouse efficiency, managers can optimize the use of resources and better address unplanned needs for materials and contract services.