Management Tracking

Management Tracking

As we continue to deal with economic roller coasters, we believe that more companies will look to life-cycle management to accelerate time-to-market, optimize overall life-cycle profitability, and maximize market share. Better planning in this area will help companies’ further drive down costs, especially in industries with short product life cycles (e.g., high-tech manufacturers) and fast-moving consumer goods (e.g., electronics and fashion apparel).

Excellence in supply-chain planning and execution is largely dependant on how effective your company is in getting its product to market vis—à—vis your competitors. We understand the importance of synchronizing product launch and transition processes with your supply chain.

DFC international’s solution set not only identifies where items are stored but also records information detailing how and when items are moved, or delivered. It tracks assets and inventory across their lifecycle, recording every point of contact from requisition through retirement. The data that is collected provides the basis for intelligent supply chain business decisions.

Some examples of our solution set include CAMS, our Charter Aircraft Management System that basically looks after the business of managing the planes, pilots and their relative attributes. These attribute include, but are not limited to, scheduling aircraft and pilots, billing, flight safety reporting and tracking, and Pilot support. Pilot support entails: qualifications tracking and monitoring, duty day tracking, logging flight statistics, aircrew assigned and pools, and fuel tracking.

This system is robust: developed and running on IBM enterprise grade software and hardware; namely Lotus Domino running on an IBM X-Series server . Domino allows it users a lot of choice and flexibility: the application can be run on a workstation client or can be accessed via a browser or pushed to a Blackberry.