DFC Telephony

Welcome to telephony of tomorrow, DFC Telephony. DFC telephony utilizes your businesses existing internet connection to create a reliable, flexible, and robust telephone solution that has limitless potential for your business use. Our competitive rates, coupled with the functionality that is unavailable with a traditional phone system will make your CFO smile. Imagine; a phone system where it doesn’t matter where in the world you are… For instance, if you were to take your phone from your Toronto office, travel to Hong Kong for a conference, connect your phone to the internet and call back to Toronto, your company would not be charged long distance, because on our phone network, your phone could be anywhere, and calling a local number is a local call.

What’s more important is that we know our service must have great customer service. That means if you have any troubles, questions, or concerns regarding our system, there is always an actual person that you get to speak to first; which means no phone system hell that can keep you looping from one option you did not select to another. Call or visit us today to find out how you can make your business our calling.


For peace of mind, DFC Telephony runs on robust IBM Hardware: X-Series servers for processing and IBM System Storage.