UCbyDFC on PureFlex

UCbyDFC enabled on IBM PureFlex Systems

UCbyDFC on PureFlex DFC and IBM are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions, high client value and increased customer satisfaction. DFC with its UCbyDFC solution leverages cloud technologies and offers organizations a turn-key Unified Communications solution without the normally heavy investment of servers, specialized software and equipment.

To meet today’s complex and ever-changing business demands IBM announced IBM PureSystems, the first family of systems offering built-in expertise, integration by design, and simplified experience. These systems are based on patterns of expertise, which can dramatically improve the time to value for businesses with changing needs. DFC has enabled it’s UCbyDFC on IBM PureFlex System.

IBM PureFlex System is a comprehensive infrastructure system that provides an expert integrated computing system. It combines servers, enterprise storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single structure. Its built-in expertise enables DFC to manage and flexibly deploy integrated patterns of virtual and hardware resources through unified management to support UCbyDFC clients. These systems deliver the simplicity of an integrated solution while still able to tune middleware and the runtime environment. Using built-in virtualization across servers, storage, and networking, the infrastructure system enables automated scaling of resources and true workload mobility.

UCbyDFC enabled on IBM PureFlex System has integrated patterns of expertise, and has undergone significant testing and experimentation to mitigate IT complexity without compromising the flexibility to tune systems to meet their clients’ business demands. By providing both flexibility and simplicity, IBM PureFlex System can provide extraordinary levels of IT control, efficiency, and operating agility to DFC’s UCbyDFC solution. UCbyDFC clients can count on built-in redundancy, resilient operations, and enhanced security.

UCbyDFC virtual appliance pattern for IBM PureFlex System will soon be available for download. Please call 905-731-6449 or email debbie@dfc.com for more details. Or Sign up now.

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