Digital Marketing: Okay time for updating!

Digital Marketing: Okay time for updating!

Yesterday I attended a digital marketing workshop at IBM Canada and it was excellent! The most surprising thing about yesterday’s session was that the IBM speakers were great! Which, unfortunately is not often the case. There were a lot of interesting take aways that touched on the history of digital marketing: Did you know that these three things Y2K, Loyalty cards and South Korea were instrumental in creating the “monster” that digital marketing is today?

DFC Digital Marketing

The other take away from this workshop is that DFC has been digitally marketing along the best of them, but not connecting it with our website. We just sent out our 225th newsletter this week and you know what,  it is sent out to the Twitterverse, posted on Facebook and published in LinkedIn, but is it on our new website which is over a year old now? No!

That is changing as of today.