Condiments on the Rise

Condiments on the Rise

At DFC we pride ourselves on the quality of our sauces and mustards, using the tastiest ingredients to bring a time-tested family recipe – and a couple of twists! – to your table. We’ve learned a lot about the industry since pivoting from I.T., especially how to have more fun at work.

We’ve also learned that lots of creative folks are joining in on the fun in our rapidly growing condiment community. The days of dousing your hot dog with one kind of yellow mustard and one kind of ketchup seem to be well behind us! Just last week, our local paper, the Kingston Whig Standard, ran a state-of-the-industry profile of several seasoning superstars. The common thread between all of them? They wanted to be the spread they wanted to see in the world.

Auria Abraham, the founder of Auria’s Malaysian Kitchen, realizes the power of her condiments to connect people to a sense of home. ‘Sometimes as women, we see cooking as what we do for our family, what we do at home, but I started to see there was a value in it,’ says Abraham, who adds that not all sambal is the same; each household and street vendor in Malaysia has a different recipe. […]

‘Once you start using chili peppers in your life, you don’t go back. And while it’s not the case for everyone, it can be a gradual path that leads you to hotter peppers,’ says Julien Fréchette, founder of La Pimenterie, a hot sauce brand based in Montreal.

La Pimenterie’s flavours include a Bourbon barrel-aged hot sauce, cranberry hot sauce, and a hot sauce that includes a combination of citrus, mango and ants. Fréchette says ants have a citrusy flavour that complement salads, fish and chicken.”

I got a lot of inspiration from reading about fellow creators in our (by 2025) $181 billion USD industry – I want to try all of Kozlik’s Mustard’s more than 36 varieties! I also felt satisfied confirmation that we’re doing things right by sticking with recipes that come from the heart. Authenticity matters in most things, but especially in those you eat. I believe your tastebuds never lie to us – don’t we then owe it to them not to lie to them?